Our cause is to give hope to the poor living in Haiti. Our work is founded upon the recognizing the dignity of every human life and a fundamental responsibility to the poor and vulnerable, especially after the disastrous eathquake of 2010.  We have partnered with a nonprofit organization, Hands Together, devoted to educating, inspiring and encouraging people to understand the importance of responding to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged.

Our Mission, as we strive to build a more compassionate and human world, proceeds from the belief that we are all members of one, equal, interconnected family. Our primary purpose is to respond to the poor of Haiti. We embrace, with a special love, people who are completely marginalized and are living in squalor. By establishing schools, orphanages, nutrition and feeding programs, medical clinics, sustainable-development projects, and by establishing partnerships with local leaders and communities,

We, through the power of music, love, and inspiration, along with Hands Together, are committed to building a better world for thousands of suffering people in Haiti. 

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