Lisbeth Scott

Scott is the one of the most sought after voices of film and television. This award winning chanteuse is featured in over 100 films, most are Hollywood’s biggest hits for the top composers….AVATAR, Spielberg’s Munich, Narnia, Shrek, Transformers, IronMan2, The Passion, Kingdom of Heaven, Gone Baby Gone and many more. For many of these films Scott has also penned a song or two or written lyrics in an ancient language (aramaic, sanskrit, armenian, latin, russian). 2011 will find Lisbeth appearing as a singing fairy in HBO's hit series Trueblood (Lisbeth sings regularly on composer Nathan Barr's gorgeous score), presenting the first part of her new original musical, "More Alive Than Dead" in Los Angeles, releasing two new album projects, singing on Yoav Goren’s orchestral powerhouse “GLOBUS 2”, appearing in Europe and US performing her own work, and participating as both a composer and vocalist in Chris Lennertz' groundbreaking  Haitian charity project  Symphony of Hope. In 2010, Scott began the venture in the scoring world, writing the music for HBO's Ithuteng, Jeff Philips award winning feature "urFRENZ" and Sam Balcomb's "The Damage Done".

After a childhood spent in classical piano studies and ballet studios (her sister Leslie was a prima ballerina), Scott set out for LA and immediately found her voice. She began singing on films and recordings right away after a friend and associate of Han Zimmer heard her singing in a modern dance class and approached her to sing on a Zimmer score. Soon after, Scott created her own record label (Zone Records/Whistling Bird Music,Inc) and began producing and releasing her own work, which lead to many of her songs being included in film and television.  Scott's early musical influences cross the world, from Brazil's Milton Nascimiento, Jobim and Astrud Gilberto, to Brahms, Chopin, to Ravel, to Hildegard von Bingen, Judy Garland, The Mills Brothers, Joni Mitchell, to London's folk hero John Martyn, The Beatles (of course), Tchaikovsky, Ibert, Jeff Buckely and even Led Zepplin (listened to very loud with headphones!).

Scott’s a multi instrumentalist, picking up anything she can get her hands on to make a sound. She collects and plays in concert calimba, dulcimer, classical and folk guitar, harmonium and of course piano, her first love.

Early on, Lisbeth made a pact with herself to use her voice to make the world better, no matter the context. She has created several music collections for meditation and healing, some of which are currently being used for terminally ill patients. In 2011, she began her own foundation, "The Forgotten Dream Project"  (info at which gives small grants to low income women over the age of 18 to pursue studies that can help them lift their own lives up and the lives of those around them. The first grant will be awarded on July 1st of this year.  Participating in Lennertz's Symphony of Hope is absolutely an honor and a joy.


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