John Swihart

Unique sounds and surprising instrument choices put John Swihart on a path to creating unpredictable contemporary scores. His distinctive style can be heard in over 40 films, including Napoleon Dynamite, Youth In Revolt, New In Town, Employee Of The Month, The Great New Wonderful, The Brothers Solomon and Daltry Calhoun.

John Swihart was raised in Bloomington, Indiana, and spent a portion of his formative years in Europe and Asia. He went on to study at Boston's Berklee College of Music and would eventually perform as a guitarist in numerous bands. After a humiliating audition, he was hired to play for the Blue Man Group's show in Boston, much to his surprise, and through that would be recruited to play in the performance group's show in Las Vegas. After his Las Vegas stint, John moved to Los Angeles and scored Napoleon Dynamite in 2004, which was the movie that would launch his career.

In addition to his film work, John is also the composer on several hit TV shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Greek, and Mad Love. His studio, Sonic Gravy, is located in Los Angeles' Laurel Canyon. He and his wife Susan also live in Laurel Canyon with their three children -- twin girls Jordan and Campbell, and son Beckett.

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